History and Philosophy

Our History

Founded during the 1979 Middle Atlantic Health Congress, Mid-Atlantic Group Network of Shared Services (MAGNET) was created to develop contracts on behalf of its members in the niche market of capital equipment.

MAGNET GROUP is one of the oldest and most experienced shared service organizations in the country! Today, MAGNET GROUP serves approximately 9,500 providers, including hospitals, alternate care facilities, and physician practices and clinics with a contract portfolio that includes equipment, services, commodities and the newly emerging area of niche/boutique (innovative and cost-reducing) products.

Our Philosophy

To meet the needs of the individual healthcare provider, MAGNET GROUP has a “User-Driven” philosophy.

Changes in healthcare payment methodologies and an environment more focused on cooperation rather than competition, have changed the face of purchasing, making total cost an increasingly more important part of the acquisition process.

In order to respond to the continuing evolution of the American healthcare delivery system, MAGNET GROUP solicits direct input of needs from healthcare providers via its Shareholders and Member Organizations and their user networks. Thus, contracts are prepared based upon user input, rather than merely being selected and approved by the “corporate office.” In this way, we contribute greatly to the quality of service provided, and facilitate improved patient outcomes.  We also play a valuable role in the reduction/elimination of cost from the system by carefully selecting our vendor partners and providing the highest quality products at the lowest possible price.

With a carefully structured process for contract development consisting of a dedicated Staff, Contracts Committee and Board of Directors, MAGNET GROUP’s care providers are assured access to industry leaders and a progressive, responsive program focused on meeting the comprehensive purchasing needs of ALL healthcare providers.